Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the Anna University URL for online payment of fees?

Anna University (University Departments and Constituent Colleges) shall pay the tuition fees through the AUKDC website URL . Ensure the presence of 'https' in the URL. Verify the SSL certificate in the URL. Anna University is not responsible for payments made in websites other than

How do I pay the fees through online if I avail bank loan?

Provide your login credentials to the bank which provides loan and request them to pay the fees through

How do I pay the fees through online if my banker from whom I avail loan does not agree to pay through ?

* Send a request mail to to activate your record. AUKDC will process the request and activate your account
* Login to using proper login credentials after activation of account
* Click on 'Bank Loan' and fill in the details correctly
* Within 24-48 working hours, the 'Fee Structure for Loan' will be made available in the same login account
* Take a print out of the 'Fee Structure for Loan' and submit the same to your Banker
* Banker then shall make NEFT payment to the Anna University Bank Account as specified in the 'Fee Structure for Loan'. After making the payment, the banker shall sign in the counterfoil in the 'Fee Structure for Loan', which should be scanned and sent to .
* On processing the transaction, a digitally signed fee receipt will be made available on the same login account after realization of the amount in Anna University's bank account

What are the accepted mode of payments?

Major Internet Banking and Debit/Credit Cards are accepted. For a list of available internet banking /debit cards/credit cards available for payment please login to the AUKDC website with your credentials. Transaction charges for different modes of payment vary and should be noted before making any payment.

How do I get the fee receipt?

On successful payment of fees through , a temporary fee receipt will be available immediately. A digitally signed fee receipt will be made available in the same login within 24-48 working hours. For pending transactions or transactions under processing, the status will be updated within 24-48 hours if they are verified to be successful. For such successful transactions, a digitally signed fee receipt will be available within 24-48 working hours in the same account. 'DON'T MAKE ANY FURTHER PAYMENTS' if the status of the transaction is still pending or under processing.

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