To Get Your E-mail Password, login to your AUKDC fees portal. Click here to login to fees portal Once you logged in , in top right corner you will find a E-mail tab, click the E-mail tab and read the I agree statement carefully. Now click 'I Agree' to view your E-mail password.

After you get the password follow the below steps.

In Username enter your register number and followed by enter your password (which you have seen in your fees Login) and click “Sign in”.

Click the link to login to your email account

First Time Password Change

After Logged in, it will automatically ask your to change the password. Give your old password, followed by new password and confirm the new password.

The password must be minimum 8 characters, which includes:
a) 1 Capital Alphabet. (A to Z)
b) 1 Number. (0 to 9)
c) 1 Special Character. (eg: !,@,#,$,&)
d) 1 Small Alphabets (a to z)

Do's & Dont's

The basic things you need to Do and Not to Do, are listed below


Submit Form for any email related issues: Click here to submit your Form. Use your fees portal login password to login to this form.

Download the attachment send by anna university as a backup then and there. (Zimbra E-mail do not assure any backup)

Use this E-mail only for education purpose.

Check the mail frequently to receive any information regarding fees or any circular from knowledge data centre.


Don’t submit a form repeatedly for any queries.

Don’t use any unwanted statement or words in chat and mail, you will be monitored.

If you misuse or any attempt to do anything in a wrong way, your account will be temporarily locked.

Don’t reveal your password to anyone. It needed to be secured.


Change password

To change the password you have to login your E-mail account and then click on right top corner in your username and select change password.

Give your old password followed by new password and confirm the new password.

Forgot password

If you forgot the password you need to submit the Form through the link
NOTE: Use your fees portal login password to login to this form.


Inbox, Sent, Drafts, Junk, Trash

In your login, you can check your inbox messages, sent messages, draft messages, trash messages.

1. Inbox – The messages which you received.

2. Sent – The messages you have sent.

3. Drafts – The messages which you will type and not yet sent is stored in drafts.

4. Junk – Junk other name is spam, the messages received from unauthorized user and if needed choose any messages and click spam to move it.

5. Trash – Deleted messages are stored here. It will be deleted automatically after 30 days and it cannot be recover

Reply, Reply all, Forward, Delete, Spam, Mail folders

1. Reply –To send a reply message to the recipient.

2. Reply all –If message is attached with more than one you can choose a reply all to reply for all.

3. Forward –If you need to send a forward a message click forward.

4. Delete –Deleted messages are stored here. It will be deleted automatically after 30 days and it cannot be recover

5. Spam – If the message is unwanted click spam and it store in junk folder.

6. Mail folders –It contains inbox, sent, junk, trash, new folder.

Action Dropdown

You can print the page in the mail area.

You can choose mark as read or unread the message.

Flag and unflag to choose remember.

Edit as new used for edit the message as new email.

Forwarding the mail.

Appointment day to remember an event or anything to do on that day.

Open in separate window to view a message in new window.


How to Compose or create a message to a mail?

Click the “New Message” (it is in left side bar) to send a new mail.

1. To – Enter the mail id whom you need to send a mail.

2. CC – Copy mail to others

3. Subject – The major subjects i.e., Reg, Sub, Req.

4. Attach – If you need to attach any documents, photos or anything.

5. Content – In content area, you can type a message and click “send”.

6. Save draft - If you want the message to send after some time, click save draft.

7. Options – It contains a dropdown to give a priority to the mail and way to send a mail as a plain text or html.

Spam, Junk

If you received any queries related mail in your registered mail id (eg : gmail,yahoo,etc..,), You will receive the Anna university mail in either spam or junk.

You can view the mail in spam or junk and mark it as not a spam, so that it is useful for the next time to receive the mail in your inbox.

And below things are the examples (for receiving the mail in spam/junk and mark it as the mail is not a spam) other mails like yahoo and outlook.



Manage Space

Hover on the right top in your username to view the status of mail space.

If you are exceeding, you need to manage the space by deleting the old or unwanted mail in Inbox, Sent, Junk and Trash to send or receive further mails.

Hover on the right top in your username to view the status of mail space.

You will get alert from postmaster mail when you send or receive any attachment larger than the available space in your quota.

You can send an attachment of 4mb if you do not have any email in inbox,drafts,sent,trash,spam depending upon the useage space you can send, receive, send attachment, receive attachment accordingly.

Note: The email space Quota indiacates the messages in inbox,drafts,sent,trash,spam. So in case you want to manage the space delete inbox,drafts,sent,trash,spam.
Before the deleting take the backup of the attachements if needed.


How to use chat box?

In Right bottom chat box is available.

1. In chat box click on three dots it open a menu
a) Add New Buddy –Add a user to chat by giving his/her mail id and start to chat.
b) New folder – To start a new group drag your selected users and make a group to chat.
c) Switch to sidebar view – To view a chat box in full side view.
d) Hide offline buddies – It will hide who are all in offline.
e) Preference –To check the above status.

2. Below the three dots click on dropdown to choose your status i.e., Busy, Available, etc.

3. Search –search in chat box is used to search a user to chat.

4. Chat –Below the search box choose your user to start to chat.


Extra features

Calendar – It is used to make a notes for any appointments, if you need to do anything or any process to remember choose “New appointment” to register.

In calendar enter the subject and enter number of attendees, enter a location, select the start, end date & time, Click the display to check the status, scheduler to show, click on Repeat, Reminder, if needed attach a file and click Save & Close.

It will remind you when or before the time.

In right top below refresh icon “View” option to change the chat box view in Reading pane, click expand conversation for old to new and new to old, sort & group by used to arrange the mail.

Note: This E-mail account will be automatically removed once your academic year completed.