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Queries Form

~ If you have any query related to Fees,Smartcard,Refund,Mail contact us by submitting the Form which is in www.aukdc.edu.in->Amazing Projects->Forms.

Student Mail - annauniv.edu.in

~ Information for students related Fees Payment , Refund, Discontinue, Excess, Caution Deposit, Transfer, Password Change we will send a E-mail to your annauniv.edu.in
~ Previous year E-mail service is provided to those who apply. from this academic year onwards, mail service is given for all admitted students.

AU Webcast

~ It Provides the Educational videos for the benefits of students in order to gain more knowledge about the subjects.
~ It Provides instruction about the Fees Payment, Refunds, Bank loan & Duplicate Id
~ Videos are available in the following category that is IT, Mech, Tech, Management, Science and Humanities
~ GIAN videos are available

Smartcard - PhD students

~ PhD students can apply the Smartcard form in this url after your data sheet process is completed, you can make a payment and get your ID in Smarcard section in CPDE.

Faculty Information System

~ The University is in the process of collecting the general and professional details of all the faculty members into a database system. The main purpose of this initiative is to provide necessary details about the faculty members as and when required by the concerned authorities in time. Kindly co-operate and fill up the details. The data can be entered and saved periodically.



~ Paid list,Defaulters list for every campus
~ No due (verification,Deptwise report, issued list, overall report)
~ DCB statements for every campus
~ Caution deposit bill & Discontinue Bill generation
~ Excess,PMSS verification & Bill generation
~ Faculty assign for student Login
~ Admission List, Roll List
~ Students Duplicate Id card verification
~ Staff ID card application and verification
~ All campus no due overall list, Centerwise nodue list
~ Caution Deposit Refund pending list.
~ TC verification & generation, Conduct entry,issued list.
~ E - File & E - Circular.

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